American Classic V

Johannus Organs Midwest is an authorized Johannus organs dealer supplying Johannus church organs to the central Midwest since 1996. Our mission is to enhance worship and the enjoyment of the organ by providing the finest in modern church organs, affordably priced, beautifully designed, expertly installed and artistically finished. Our services extend through the upper Midwest, Bring the thrilling sound of pipe organs to your church and your worship experience! Combining 700 years of tradition with the most modern technology, we offer Johannus Organs, the King of Instruments for the 21st Century. where we supply quality Johannus organ solutions from Lafayette to St. Louis to Minneapolis, Green Bay and Chicago.

Johannus Organs Midwest delivers solutions that involve Johannus digital church organs, pipe organ additions, affordable replacement consoles, and digital/pipe combination organs of all sizes -- from portatives to large concert instruments. We stand ready to assist you with any of your organ needs, whether for sales, service, rental or acoustical consultation services. Johannus organs can be designed to present multiple tonal configurations that incorporate Baroque, Romantic and Symphonic styles of pipe organ sound in a single instrument.